Beyond our consulting activities, we are also intensively involved in various organisations to ensure that sustainable solutions for the tourism industry are more widely disseminated and applied nationally and internationally.

The Code

The Code es una iniciativa financiada por la industria turística, integrada por miembros de diversos grupos de interés, con la misión de sensibilizar al sector turístico y proporcionar instrumentos y apoyo para combatir la explotación sexual de la niñez en relación con los viajes y el turismo. La iniciativa tiene en cuenta seis criterios que forman el Código de Conducta para la protección de la niñez contra la explotación sexual en la industria de los viajes y el turismo. mascontour firmó el Código de Conducta en marzo de 2020.

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Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)

Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) está convencida de que el turismo puede y debe desempeñar un papel pionero a nivel mundial en la protección y el uso sostenible de las reservas naturales, ya que casi ninguna otra industria depende tanto de una naturaleza intacta. LT&C tiene como objetivo establecer una red global de expertos, promover el intercambio de experiencias y conocimientos e identificar o desarrollar ejemplos positivos que beneficien tanto al turismo como a la conservación de la naturaleza en las áreas protegidas.

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Deutscher Reiseverband e.V. (DRV)

The DRV is the largest organisation of travel agencies and tour operators in Germany. The association represents the interests of medium-sized and large companies in the travel industry towards service providers in Germany and abroad as well as German, European and international politics. It is also actively committed to sustainable tourism. Matthias Beyer is a member of the DRV Sustainability Committee. The committee's aim is to encourage tour operators and travel agencies to use natural resources sparingly and manage their businesses in an environmentally-friendly manner, as well as providing assistance in this regard. In addition, the committee is committed to environmentally- and socially-responsible tourism in the destinations.

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Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

The GSTC is the world's most important institution for establishing sustainability standards in destinations, hotels and tour operators. In order to improve the verifiability, transparency and credibility of existing certification systems in tourism, the GSTC has developed global minimum standards for sustainable tourism. Certification systems can be accredited in a three-stage process and thus prove that they comply with these minimum standards.

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ECPAT Deutschland e.V.

ECPAT (working group for the protection of children against sexual exploitation) is a nationwide association of 29 institutions and groups. The working group is committed to ensuring that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is observed, that causes of disregard are identified and that violations are prosecuted with all available means. In addition, ECPAT is involved in various areas of work (politics, justice, economy and education) and carries out campaigns and projects in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organisations to raise public awareness, develop preventive measures and create a legal basis for the protection of children.

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TT Network e.V. – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Dozenten für Weiterbildung im Tourismus

The federal working group of lecturers for training in tourism is a non-profit association and registered lobby association of the German Bundestag. It includes an interdisciplinary network of tourism experts who are committed to professional training and quality in tourism. It is the only Europe-wide "Trainers in Tourism Network". The network cooperates at home and abroad with educational institutions and organisations that carry out measures for tourism qualification and quality assurance.

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GATE – Netzwerk, Tourismus, Kultur e.V.

GATE is committed to socially and environmentally responsible travel. The association orients itself towards ethnological perspectives and points of view to promote intercultural dialogue between travellers and host communities as well as mutual understanding. GATE organises specialist conferences and seminars at schools and regularly organises a Jour Fixe on selected topics relating to sustainable tourism in Berlin.

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