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Climate Protection and Tourism - Study in Montenegro

Climate protection is currently on everyone's lips and naturally also affects the tourism sector. As part of the UNDP project Towards Carbon Neutral Tourism, mascontour is currently conducting a representative survey on climate-friendly consumer behaviour with tourists in Montenegro. This is supplemented by further studies focusing on Montenegro's tourism industry and its efforts to further develop low-emission tourism products and services. We are looking forward to the results!

GSTC training tourism


New partnership with GSTC

In cooperation with GSTC, mascontour’s team will deliver training and skills development opportunities for tourism industry professionals. The GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) offers practical insights and effective steps to help you improve your sustainability practices. With the aim of strengthening awareness of sustainable tourism in destinations around the world, the training program covers global trends in sustainable tourism and sustainability best practices for businesses and destinations. Further informationen about GSTC

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Survey on tourism development in Budva, Montenegro

mascontour is currently conducting a representative survey on tourism in Montenegro on behalf of the tourism organisation of the city of Budva. The survey is conducted among international and national tourists, the local tourism industry as well as authorities and institutions. The aim is to obtain an impression of the mood of the groups of stakeholders surveyed on tourism and to measure progress in terms of target group-oriented product development. On the basis of the results, measures will then be taken to further strengthen Budva's tourism competitiveness.

PR Malawi


PR and Marketing Representation of Malawi in Germany

Since September 2018, mascontour has been responsible for the tourism press and marketing representation of Malawi in Germany on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The range of services includes classic PR tasks (press releases, press trips, press conferences, press monitoring, advertisements, etc.), online marketing and support for the internet presence as well as the preparation and support of trade fair appearances, maintaining contacts with German tour operators and advice on product development.

Summer School Djerba


Design and Implementation of a Summer School for Young Tourism Professionals in Tunisia

The island of Djerba is one of the most important and popular tourist regions in Tunisia. Besides sun and beach, Djerba has much more to offer, especially in the cultural sector. In order to develop this potential for tourism in the sense of product diversification and improve Djerba's image as a mass tourism destination, mascontour is designing and implementing a five-day summer school on site. The aim is to enable around 100 young tourism professionals from Djerba in an attractive and interactive way to take new and more sustainable paths in future tourism and product development.

DIA GIZ Instrumentarium


Development and Piloting of a Toolkit for a "Destination Impact Assessment" in Tourism

Collaboration with the private sector is one of the core themes of German development cooperation. mascontour is commissioned to develop a set of instruments for a Destination Impact Assessment, which should show in which areas the tourism industry can work together with development cooperation and local partners to make an effective contribution to the SDGs in a destination or effectively promote the sustainable development of tourism and beyond. The instruments will be applicable to all types of destinations (e.g. mountain destinations, coastal destinations, cities) and at all spatial levels (local, regional, national) by means of a standardised procedure and will deliver results tailored to the actual situation of a destination. The results serve, among other things, as a basis for the planning of concrete activities of development cooperation with its private partners in a destination. The piloting of the instruments will be carried out in two regions of Tunisia (Djerba and Tozeur).

Malawi Analysen training


Analysis and Training Programme on the Tourism Market and Competitive Situation in Malawi

In addition to the country-wide tourism marketing strategy for Malawi developed by mascontour, comprehensive analyses of the source markets China, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the USA as well as the main competing destinations Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are currently being prepared. The central results of the individual market analyses as well as the most important strategic conclusions and recommendations for a market-oriented and sustainable tourism development in Malawi are bundled in summary synthesis reports. In order to ensure that these findings are applied as widely as possible, they are subsequently communicated to state and private tourism stakeholders in a practical manner within the framework of a training programme. It serves as an orientation tool to better develop the respective markets and should support the development of marketable and competitive tourism products.

SDG Studie GIZ


Study on the Framework of Action for the German and European Tourism Industry to Fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)

On behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, mascontour has developed a study which shows for the first time the concrete framework of action for the German and European tourism industry to fulfil the SDGs. As an essential result of this study, a total of 24 fields of action have been identified with which the tourism industry – above all hotel chains and tour operators – can make a substantial contribution to the SDGs. In this respect, it was not only determined to which SDGs the identified fields of action at the overall objective level could contribute, but also to which of the 169 SDG sub-objectives a contribution through the implementation of corresponding measures is possible. Finally, strategic and operational recommendations for German development cooperation for the further development of cooperation with the German and European tourism industry have been derived from the results of the study.

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