Partner Network

A holistic service offer is our aspiration! Therefore, we work in an interdisciplinary manner with selected partners from research and practice that complement our range of experience and services.


AME members constitute a partnership of non-profit conservation organizations, private sector tour operators, educational organization, community organizations, and individuals that are working collaboratively to create a region that will provide high-quality sustainable tourism experiences, protect the natural and cultural resources of the region, and create healthy and resilient communities. The goal of AME is to directly link tourism development to sustainable and resilient communities through improving competitiveness, safety, market access, and profitability of sustainable tourism ventures in Mesoamerica. mascontour is a supporting partner of AME and works together with the organisation on the implementation of projects to promote sustainable tourism development in the region.


IUS is an innovation agency created with the purpose of facilitating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda through innovation processes and solutions in the public and private sector, aligning efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. They add value by supporting technology transfer bridges and conversations that have an impact on policies and regulations and on strategic senior management processes of a multi-sectoral nature, incorporating circular economy criteria and collaboration networks with international players from Germany, Costa Rica, Chile, Norway and Sweden.


T&P is a strategic communications and public affairs agency headquartered in Brussels, bringing together a global network of experts in government relations, legal affairs, association management, EU funding, corporate governance, crisis management and reputation management. The select network includes former political decision-makers, association directors and multinational CEOs, as well as active university professors and award-winning lawyers. The consultancy combines tacit knowledge, sectoral expertise and professional prowess to give tailored and holistic solutions.


The ZENAT is an association of tourism experts at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNE). Matthias Beyer has been an associate member since 2015. Matthias Beyer has been an associate member since 2015. The work of ZENAT mainly comprises the development and implementation of applied research projects as well as training and qualification measures for practitioners in various fields of sustainable tourism. These include climate adaptation and climate protection, biodiversity, sustainable business and destination management, mobility, renewable energies and regional economic effects of tourism.


Leo-Impact Consulting GmbH (LIC) advises companies and organisations on change and development processes, primarily in connection with investment projects and financing issues of all kinds. Methodical competence and expertise from many years of consulting and management practice form the basis for LIC to create individual and sustainable solutions. The company’s range of services includes strategy development, support in marketing and sales, integrated financial planning, pre- and post-calculation, controlling systems, conducting negotiations in uncertain situations and interim management. LIC has special expertise in the healthcare market, automotive, home textiles and tourism.


When people work together, conflicts arise. People tend to complain about others and expect others to change. The problem is – so do the others. The problem is – so do the others. In this time, companies lose resources. A proven method of defusing conflicts and preventing them in the future is to recognise a mirror of one’s own behaviour in the behaviour of others and react to it in a goal-oriented way. This requires a rethinking from all sides, especially from managers. Horses are the best training partners for this rethinking. Those who face the horses with their team will understand what this means: It depends on every single person in the company.


“How can I help you”? Anyone who greets his customers in this way today is totally out of date. Customer communication today is different: completely different! Relationship building in B2C business is more important than ever in times of internet booking portals. Instead of mainstream in salesperson-customer communication, towards host-guest communication. The content of Saskia Sánchez’s webinars and seminars is on how to win customers with good communication, build up a relationship and trust basis, and, in the process, build customer loyalty, be recommended and increase sales. She is a trained tourism specialist, trainer and lecturer with professional experience in sales since 1985.


QV Global is run by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, who have travelled to more than 90 countries over the past 14 years. They specialise in creative storytelling, social media strategies and online marketing and know how to turn a destination or company into an exciting story. The topic of sustainability always enjoys the highest priority. Their blog was awarded Gold in the World Responsible Tourism Award in the category of “Best Responsible Tourism Blog” at the World Travel Market 2015 in London.


Studio Strahl develops creative design solutions for print media and websites, advises with an eye for the essentials and is fresh and open. The portfolio also includes the programming of websites, online shops and mobile applications. Studio Strahl’s clients include Sony Deutschland, Universal Music, Wall Außenwerbung und Stadtmöbel, Goethe-Institut and Amnesty International.


Oktoberdruck offers much more than off-the-shelf printing: it stands for a combination of aesthetics, craftsmanship and environmental compatibility. As early as 20 years ago, the print shop consistently converted its operations to sustainable, resource-conserving production, thus making environmentally-friendly printing socially acceptable. Oktoberdruck is self-governing and is managed jointly by the employees. The print shop produces magazines, catalogues, books, annual and sustainability reports, brochures, posters and flyers.

DecRen Water Consult (DWC)


DWC is a consulting company for sustainable water supply and sanitation solutions. A decentralised approach and the integration of renewable energies to solve water problems are at the core of all DWC’s activities. By consistently avoiding fossil fuels in the selection of the technologies used, not only operating costs are saved, but sustainable solutions are also implemented. In addition to technical consulting, the company also offers training and further education measures as well as the elaboration of financing models.