Our Resilience Model

Why Do We Need Resilient Tourism As Well?


Tourism trends come and go at an accelerating pace and customer wishes are becoming increasingly demanding and differentiated.


Societal megatrends such as digitalisation are fundamentally changing our world and with it the tourism sector, with our everyday lives characterised by fast-moving lifestyles and constantly increasing interconnectedness and complexity.


The global use of natural resources is gradually increasing and is having a negative impact on tourism, as is the ongoing climate change, with the tourism industry being not only a victim but also a cause of ecological and social grievances.


The tourism sector is increasingly exposed to other risk factors (e.g. political, economic, security or health-related).

Rethinking Tourism

All this contributes to the vulnerability and instability of destinations and tourism businesses, creating a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability that is reinforced by the COVID-19 crisis and, against this backdrop, requires a fundamental rethinking of the way tourism is being developed in the future.

Satisfied guests and employees, a high quality of stay and quality of life on site as well as economic success at destination and company level will only be achievable in the long term if we place the resilience of destinations and companies at the centre of tourism development.

What Does Resilient Tourism Mean?

Resilient tourism means thinking holistically and understanding competitiveness, modernisation, sustainability and risk prevention as equally important elements for future-oriented action at destination and company level. In this way, both one’s own and society’s performance, resilience and stability can be ensured in the long term in the interest of comprehensive livelihood security as well as the common good.

Excerpt from the resilience brochure

"To give travel a long-term value and future perspective after COVID-19, a new, holistic and strategic approach is needed for destinations and businesses. One that goes far beyond mere sustainability and introduces a paradigm shift in the tourism sector."

Matthias Beyer

founder, visionary and managing director of mascontour GmbH

How Do We Put Resilient Tourism Into Practice?

With our resilience model, we support destinations, tourism enterprises, tourism politicians and development cooperation in thinking holistically about tourism and preparing it for the future!

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