Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vision

We are convinced that social development and shaping of the future do not solely depend on increasing material prosperity, but rather on qualitative changes and improvements in economic and living conditions.

Therefore, mascontour's entrepreneurial activities are value- and public welfare-oriented and follow the principle of sustainable development, which aims to capture and consider economic, ecological, social and cultural interrelations.

In practice, mascontour stands for an integrated consulting approach, which should create economic success and value while also guaranteeing the protection and sustainable use of natural resources as well as the consideration of social and cultural conditions on site.

For us, sustainability is not an ideal but the maxim of our daily work, which we want to live up to both within and outside our company.


Our Guidelines and Values

Cooperation & Participation

In light of a shared global responsibility, mascontour defines development as the improvement of the situation of people according to their own criteria, goals and needs. We want to initiate development, but not pretend it. For us, the promotion and improvement of personal development opportunities are paramount. For mascontour, a cooperative and participative approach to the processing of our projects is both a normative requirement and an instrument for the sustainability-oriented implementation of our assignments. This philosophy is not only a consulting goal but also an obligation in our own company.

Quality & Seriousness

mascontour only takes on assignments for which the necessary professional and personal skills and experience can be provided. We are constantly improving and expanding our know-how and adapting it to new requirements to offer our clients competent and high-quality consulting services in all fields of business. For this purpose, mascontour bundles experience, competences and instruments of different fields in an interdisciplinary approach. We are always anxious to offer serious, well-calculated and realistically-planned services and meet the resulting obligations.

Personal Responsibility & Credibility

mascontour always strives to act independently, provide objective advice and act responsibly. Should it turn out in the course of our project work that a project useful for certain purposes or social groups influences or damages other important goals or groups in an unacceptable way, mascontour warns of these dangers and advocates developing alternatives. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to discontinue project work if the development processes aimed for seriously run contrary to our professional and ethical convictions.

Respect & Tolerance

Due to mascontour's international consulting activities, we cooperate with a large number of actors from different national and cultural backgrounds, all of whom have different and very specific values and norms. These have a significant influence on the way of thinking and acting of our clients and partners on site and require a responsible and tolerant approach. mascontour takes it for granted to treat other values, norms, perspectives and lifestyles impartially, to treat them with respect and constructively deal with them.

Transparency & Continuity

mascontour wants to stand and operate in mutually-fair, transparent and long-term business and contractual relationships with its clients, partners and employees. When recommending and procuring goods or services from third parties, we give priority to quality criteria and environmentally- and socially-responsible service provision over short-term price advantages. Our aim is to ensure that products and services offered directly or indirectly by mascontour are of lasting benefit to our clients.

Our Commitment

As a company, we not only bear responsibility for our own actions, but we also have a responsibility to society as a whole, which we want to and must face up to. Indeed, we believe that promising and long-term solutions can only be found if all social forces contribute to the solution of the complex economic, social and ecological problems of our time.

Climate Emergency Declaration

We are proud to stand among other forward-thinking tourism organizations and individuals in the industry to declare a climate emergency. Declaring this emergency means that mascontour is committing to a concrete plan of meaningful, transparent actions to be taken this year and in the years to come.

In signing the climate emergency declaration, the mascontour team agrees to these five ‘Tourism Declares’ commitments:

  • Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’
  • Share our commitment and progress publicly
  • Cut our carbon emissions in line with IPCC advice (stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming)
  • Work with others in the travel industry
  • Advocate for change throughout the travel industry

You can find our full declaration and climate emergency plan here

Further informationen about "Tourism Declares" can be found here here.   tourism declares

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CO2 - Business Trip Compensation

We travel in a climate-conscious manner. Whenever possible, we prefer to travel by train, bus or public transport, as well as using environmentally-friendly accommodation, for both private and business purposes. In addition, all business trips (transport and accommodation) are compensated annually at 100% by atmosfair, i.e. we voluntarily pay a compensation amount for the climate-relevant emissions that we cause.

Our compensation contribution is used directly for an atmosfair climate protection project that aims to introduce energy-efficient stoves in developing countries (e.g. Rwanda). By using these stoves, the need for wood for cooking is reduced by up to 80%, which has a positive effect on the protection and preservation of the forests.

Energy and Resource Protection at the Company Location

We are committed to protecting energy and resources not only on our business trips, but also at the company location. This is achieved, among other things, by the following measures:

  • Use of environmentally-friendly electricity and gas suppliers and corresponding equipment (e.g. switchable plug connectors, energy-efficient printers)
  • Use of environmentally-friendly and preferably recyclable office materials
  • Use of organic and fair-trade products for catering at internal meetings and their preference at customer events and conventions
  • Use of bicycles or public transport for inner-city journeys
  • Use of telephone/web and video conferencing to avoid business trips

Fair Working Conditions

We always strive to guarantee our team members and network partners fair working conditions. This is achieved, among other things, by the following measures:

  • Transparent fee calculation
  • Gender-neutral, experience-based fee rates
  • Flexible and child-friendly design of collaboration
  • Investments in training
  • Extensive feedback mechanisms

Voluntary Work to Promote Sustainable Tourism

In addition to our consulting activities, we also volunteer our time to promote sustainable tourism. For example, Matthias Beyer is an active member of the Sustainability Committee of the German Travel Association (DRV). He also spent several years on the Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

Financial Support for Sustainability Initiatives in Tourism

We have been supporting various initiatives for sustainable tourism for many years, both nationally and internationally. We are a supporting member and actively advocate for the goals and concerns of the organisation ECPAT Deutschland e.V., which works worldwide for the protection of children against sexual exploitation. We also support the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as well as GATE e.V.

Active for Child Protection

Children's rights are human rights. Children are particularly vulnerable and need protection. That is why we maintain a clear zero tolerance policy when it comes to disregarding children's rights.We, as an internationally operating company, see it as our duty to make an active contribution to the protection of children and also to integrate our partners and customers into this process. mascontour is a member of ECPAT Deutschland e.V. and the Child Protection Initiative "The Code".

In March 2020, we signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation in the Travel and Tourism Industry (The Code), thereby committing ourselves to integrative child protection measures in our company.

You too can participate - by NOT LOOKING AWAY: To do so, use the international reporting platform , where you can also access the German reporting platform Here, suspicious cases can be forwarded directly to ECPAT Deutschland e.V. or the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Button report code  THECODE

Background information on the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in tourism can be found on the website of ECPAT:

You can find our child protection policy here Download

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