MAY 5, 2023 – European Tourism Day

The online upskilling platform confetti has released a new series of mobile microlearning courses for workers in emerging economies, such as Indonesia.

confetti produces custom-made mobile microlearning courses in sustainable tourism and hospitality for individuals, trainers and development organisations around the world.

Its extensive collection of microlearning courses is designed to lift the skills of tourism and hospitality workers in developing nations, and have been made in several languages including Indonesian, Russian and Arabic.

The growth potential for tourism and hospitality in developing nations is massive. For example, as the fourth biggest country in the world, Indonesia has a population of 275 million people, and a huge hospitality and tourism workforce.

But these nations need a constant supply of able workers to meet the demands of their domestic needs and for export.

Until now the young workforce in countries like Indonesia has often lacked access to proper skills training and education suitable for the demands of industry development.

confetti is the brainchild of some of the seasoned instructional designers, education specialists and trainers at mascontour GmbH, Berlin – a storied sustainable tourism consulting firm.

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